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The Call

 Rev. Amos Adesokan has a prophetic ministry to the body of Christ. He has also seen the healing power of God upon many as he ministers. The Lord confirms his word with undeniable miracles and deliverances. Rev. Amos has also conducted medical missions and has been a part of a medical missions both to Nigeria and Uganda Africa, Thailand, and China Asia. He has served as pastor and associate pastor. As associate pastor of Partakers of Christ Church in Tulsa, and later as pastor of the same churct in the 1980's. He has also served as a cell group leader at Cornerstone Family Church, Tulsa Oklahoma. He currently serves as a hospital minister at Grace Fellowship Church, Tulsa Oklahoma, and as a volunteer chaplain at the St. Francis Heart Hospital in Tulsa. He graduated from Victory Bible Institute in 1989. He is married, and blessed with many children. Amos has a passion to see God's people set free for the work of the ministry. He is the founder of Powerhouse Evangelical Ministry, Inc; and Powerhouse Evangelical Church, Ago-Are Nigeria. Church Planting is one of his passions and he's sold out on it.


Wisdom Nuggets

Wisdom is the principle thing. With all your getting, get understanding. The power of understanding distinguishes you for breakthrougs in life. When you possess divine understanding, you walk in a great radiant light. You will know what to do betimes. Divine understanding makes the journey great. Divine understanding comes thorugh active meditation in the word of God, which in and of itself is packaged with divine wonders. Everyone who possess this type of understanding becomes a wonder to their generation. Divine intervention is the order of sequence where there is divine understanding. When divine understanding comes, you cease to wonder, you become a wonder!

Special Speaking Engagements

Amos is available by appointments to speak at churches and events. He has been a special speaker at churches and ministry events including Full Gospel Business Men's meetings, youth conferences and international speaking engagements. You may contact us for further information.

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